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Great gift ideas for your Anniversary. Simple and Elegant Handmade Jewelry?

Often people get stuck when purchasing #anniversary #jewelry for their spouses, especially when they own everything, or own common pieces.

jewelry that was made by a machine. The secret to getting a unique anniversary gift is getting her that something special and unique that no one else will own. You have arrived at my website that is chock full of #handcrafted #jewelry that is #unique and carries a message in the properties of each gemstone.

"Simple and Classy" single fresh water pearl handcrafted necklace.

The piece above has a single fresh water pearl. Pearls are a signal of loyalty, love, integrity, purity and generosity. It is a strong message for any anniversary or gift. My clients have told me that they wear this piece every day as it goes with everything from black to casual and is made of all sterling silver components. You can purchase it on this website by following this link: https://www.stonesinharmony.com/product-page/simple-and-classy-handcrafted-pearl-necklace. Below is another unique piece that also symbolizes #love and was #handcrafted with a scroll of gratitude to symbolize everything we should be grateful for. I can assure you that no two people will own the same piece.

Handmade Rose Quartz Necklace wire wrapped witha scroll of gratitue.

Rose Quartz is a symbol of love, Universal love, and harmonious relationships. You can purchase it by clicking on this link: https://www.stonesinharmony.com/product-page/handcrafted-rose-quartz-suspended-necklace-with-sterling-silver-chain In the photo below, is a #handmade #jewelry #set that was handcrafted with all sterling silver components.

Top Grade Faceted cut handcrafted Blue Topaz set in sterling silver.

Blue Topaz has long been documented to manifest health, and to discover your inner talents. To purchase or read more about the qualities of this amazing #gemstone #jewelry you can visit this link: https://www.stonesinharmony.com/product-page/swiss-blue-topaz-handcrafted-jewelry-set Here are some #great #gift #ideas for your #anniversary without having to go out to a store and purchase jewelry that was not made by a #jewelry #designer that makes original one of a kind pieces. To visit more #unique #handmade #jewelry pieces, please visit our SHOP link to view more gift ideas: https://www.stonesinharmony.com/shop