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Love Handcrafted Beach or Ocean Jewelry?

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

If you love #beach or #ocean inspired #handcrafted #jewelry, I have set up this blog of #custom #made #beach #jewelry . It is one thing to purchase necklaces from a manufacturer, but if you truly want something that stands out and that is unique, these handcrafted necklaces are a way of owning something that no one else will own. No two gemstones are alike, so it isn't possible that the necklaces could be duplicated. Below is an example of an ocean theme necklace that may remind you of a distant beach or turquoise ocean.

Handcrafted #Beach #Necklace with #Gemstones.

Made with Labradorite, Aqua chalcedony and Green chalcedony, all of these gemstones are calming gemstones just like the waves of the ocean. You'll notice a flash of blue in the #gemstone Labradorite as you move it slowly under light. I added a clam shell charm to bring pizazz to this ocean lovers necklace, and light blue Aqua chalcedony, to remind you of the ocean or beach. This piece is so unique is very unlikely that anyone else will own as it is handcrafted by a #jewelry #desiger and not by a machine. Link to purchase: https://www.stonesinharmony.com/product-page/beach-necklace-with-natural-gemstones

#Beach #lovers #handcrafted #necklace with a single fresh water pearl and Aqua Chalcedony

Again, I used the #gemstone #aqua #chalcedony to bring out the color of the ocean, and used a starfish charm to bring back great memories of a distant beach that you can wear all year round. Many people get compliments on these handcrafted necklaces due to their design and uniqueness. When you do not have summer every season, it is nice to be able to wear pieces that are closely connected to good memories throughout every season. Link to purchase: https://www.stonesinharmony.com/product-page/i-love-the-beach-handcrafted-necklace

"Ocean Droplet", handcrafted #beach #necklace with all sterling silver components.

This is a #simple #elegant #jewelry #design that speaks volumes about the ocean as the gemstone, Aqua Chalcedony matches the color of the a turquoise ocean and reminds you just how beautiful those turquoise waters are, as if you could just jump in right now. A unique piece, #Aqua #Chalcedony harmonizes you like the sounds of the waves on the beach. If you are looking for #beach or #ocean #jewelry, you have found a designer that is also passionate about the sea. Link to purchase: https://www.stonesinharmony.com/product-page/ocean-droplet-handcrafted-beach-lovers-necklace