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The Best Way to Store Your Handcrafted Jewelry

Many people ask me the best way to #store their #handcrafted #jewelry because it is unique and can tarnish easily. There are many different ways to store your jewelry but I have found that the most effective way is to use Ziplock bags and anti-tarnish strips which you can purchase online. When you receive the strips, you do not need to use the entire strip, rather, you can cut the strip into small pieces to store with your jewelry. If you do not have airtight bags like this, you can always purchase regular Ziplock bags at the store and make sure it is sealed tight to avoid oxygenation. That means that when your jewelry is exposed to oxygen, or the environment, it will tarnish.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Necklace Stored in a Ziplock Bag and Small anti-Tarnish strip.

Here is another example of how to #store your #handcrafted #jewelry:

Earrings Stored in an airtight Ziplock bag with a small anti-tarnish strip.

Another tip about caring for your jewelry is to keep it away from moisture, heat or direct sunlight. Try to store it in a place where it is not exposed to these elements. There are also other options how to store your jewelry. I will show you in this next illustration.

Earrings stored in an airtight box that latches tight, and has a small anti-tarnish strip.

If you do not have boxes like this, or if your jewelry box is not airtight, you can purchase boxes like these at container stores or places where you can find airtight jewelry organizers. It is well worth the investment! Over time, keeping your handcrafted jewelry exposed to oxygen will make them tarnish easily. The difference between storing it correctly over time is absolutely amazing. Your pieces will shine indefinitely. It is well worth the investment to go through the trouble of #storing all of #your #jewelry #correctly. If you see side by side jewelry that was stored correctly against jewelry that was laid out in open air the results are astonishing. It is well worth the time to invest in anti-tarnish strips and ziplock bags, which you can store in your jewelry case. Just make sure that if you purchase a jewelry organizer that is plastic, it latches tight.

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