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Fire opal has become so scarce that if you can find something as beautiful as this you should grab it. I was able to procure this ring before fire opal skyrocketed in price. This ring was handmade by a very special woman who is no longer doing such rings due to the high price of fire opal today. The piece speaks for itself and it is the last one I have. It is definitely a statement piece and can be worn on any finger. This is a true beauty. Since fire opal is very sensitive to heat, we recommend that you do not leave it out in the sun and to take care to prevent it from heating up too much by storing it in a cool dark place, in a Ziploc bag.

Amazing natural fire opal ring, surrounded by Sapphire.

  • There are no exchanges refunds or returns. Due to the fact that our items are handcrafted it is not known how you are caring for the item once it is in your hands. For jewelry care we recommend that you keep the necklace in the zip lock bag provided to you with the order and that you do not shower or bathe with the item.