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I was fortunate enough to find this beautiful stone in New York City while shopping for gemstones. This faceted cut is unsurpassed and this gemstone is very hard-to-find without paying a fortune. Topaz comes in many colors but blue is the most sought after. Topaz has long been documented to manifest health. It helps you discover your own inner talents and it makes you feel confident to share your good fortune and positive spirit. Blue Topaz is especially good for the throat chakra where verbalizaion is used to express you're needs. It is in excellent color for vision and reaching your higher self,  helping you live with your own aspirations. This faceted cut gemstone is hand wire wrapped with sterling silver to an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

Blue Swiss topaz pendant necklace set in sterling silver.

  • There are no exchanges refunds or returns. Due to the fact that our items are handcrafted it is not known how you are caring for the item once it is in your hands. For jewelry care we recommend that you keep the necklace in the zip lock bag provided to you with the order and that you do not shower or bathe with the item.