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The reason behind all of my awareness items is to raise awareness of rheumatoid arthritis by creating conversation pieces. Odds are that someone will ask you what RA stands for especially if those are not the initials of your name. Awareness starts with one person at a time with this conversation piece and from there gets exponential. I've noticed more and more lately when I mention rheumatoid arthritis a lot of people know what it is. This is truly a classy piece that you can wear on any occasion especially Black tie if you want to turn the initials around. It slips on and off with ease so that you do not have to contend with clasps. Awareness is the key to the cure.

Champagne pearl handcrafted RA awareness bracelet.

  • There are no exchanges refunds or returns. Due to the fact that our items are handcrafted it is not known how you are caring for the item once it is in your hands. For jewelry care we recommend that you keep the necklace in the zip lock bag provided to you with the order and that you do not shower or bathe with the item.