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This beauitiful Kyanite (set in sterling silver) necklace is in the RA Awareness bolor blue for its ribbon color. It comes with a hand wire wrapped ribbon and matching Swarovski crystals, and at approx. 24" in length, it fits right over your head with no clasps to contend with. I made it user friendly knowing first hand how debilitating this disease can be.


It is a true conversation piece for those who want to talk about their RA, thus it helps raise awareness of your condition. Makes a great gift for someone with RA if not for yourself. The chain is silver plated so be sure to store it in the Ziploc bag provided to you in your order. Raising RA awareness starts with one person at a time. Awareness is the key to the cure.

Handcrafted Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Necklace.

  • There are no exchanges refunds or returns. Due to the fact that our items are handcrafted it is not known how you are caring for the item once it is in your hands. For jewelry care we recommend that you keep the necklace in the zip lock bag provided to you with the order and that you do not shower or bathe with the item.