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The beauty and uniqueness of the sets speaks for itself. Labradorite is a magical and mystical gemstone that gives a play on light when you move it slowly under a prism of light. You will notice a magical blue flash will appear and that is the magical mystical aspect of the stone, filled with positive energy, helping your intuition and knowledge of the ulterior motives of others. It is my signature gemstone and my bestseller. This is truly a unique set that no one else will own.

Top grade Labradorite handcrafted bracelet set.

  • There are no exchanges refunds or returns. Due to the fact that our items are handcrafted it is not known how you are caring for the item once it is in your hands. For jewelry care we recommend that you keep the necklace in the zip lock bag provided to you with the order and that you do not shower or bathe with the item.